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About Catherine Hill Winery

January 2020

And so begins the second chapter of the Catherine Hill Winery story.  Seeking to carry on the quality traditions set by Sue and Eric Meyer, (the original owners)  we now find ourselves in the wonderfully unique position of running and owning a well established winery.  It is our every intent to maintain the character and essence of  Catherine Hill wines, with the possibility of some new additions in the future.  For now, we are content to learn, craft, and expand our knowledge as well as add our own blood, sweat, and tears to the legacy of Catherine Hill Winery.


About our Name

What's in a name? Who, or what is Catherine Hill, and why was this name chosen?  Cool special from the weather channel provides insight.


   Every winemaker has his or her own philosophy,  defining their style and approach to creating wine. Our non industrial method of winemaking blends traditional, artisinal hand crafting methods with current best practices. Our intention is to create irresistible wines that delight each of the senses.


   At Catherine Hill Winery, no enzymes, adjuncts, additives, color enhancers or artificial ingredients are used to manipulate or produce our wines.  Our grape wine "ingredients" include only grapes, yeast, and yeast nutrients. Our berry wines are made using whole berries, yeast and yeast nutrients, pure cane sugar and water.   Our wines are Vegan and Gluten Free.  Experience the difference of Catherine Hill wines.  Raise a Glass!


All the Best!

Walt and Deb Schwarz
Catherine Hill Winery

Cherryfield, Maine

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