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We are a  bit of a departure from the mainstream thought of being all things to all people. But that is our way of being true to what matters most to us. Focusing all of our energy on a single goal of making inspiring wines. Our one goal is to crush the finest grapes available, guiding them on a journey to what we hope will be amazing wines. There are many wise proverbs among winemakers. One in particular that describes our efforts states simply that great wine is made in the vineyard. In other words to make great wine, you must begin with great grapes. So we work with a network of growers who grow the finest grapes available, and our mission is to facilitate that journey from grape into wine, using the best practices of fine winemaking and avoiding  manipulation of the wines. All of our wines are made onsite here in Cherryfield, from scratch, by us.

Small batch premium wines of in lots of 10 - 100+ cases. That's what we do. It's all we do. Lovingly crafted. It's how we do it. The grapes we use are sourced from small, independent vineyards in some of the most desirable AVAs anywhere. Tenbrink, Koch, Lanza-Musto, Knight Hill, Two Mountain, Konnowac and Randall Standish are just some of the growers we work with. The fruit for our berry wines is sourced locally from Hancock and Washington county growers and suppliers.


Daily punchdowns, gentle pressing and attention to detail are but some of the hand crafting techniques we employ in making our wines. From grape to must, must to wine, and wine to bottle, we claim responsibility for the wine in your glass.

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