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Sweeter Wines and Whites

We use the finest berries, sourced locally from Washington and Hancock County suppliers to produce our fruit wines. Made with the same thoughtful attention to detail as our grape based wines, we employ extended whole berry ferments, and gentle pressing to retain intense flavors and aromas in our wines. It is our view that a great wine delights all the senses, and our goal is to create delicious wines you'll be delighted to enjoy and serve.
Bramble Rose
$17.49 - Want to go deep? 100% Blackberry Wine has amber hues, captivating aromatics that will keep you swirling, soft and mellow with intense Blackberry notes with a deeply sweet finish. Perfect with chocolate covered caramels. Served lightly chilled. 
Cherryfield Blues


$17.49 - Our original berry wine is wonderfully sweet with intense flavor, made with 100% Maine Wild Blueberries harvested right here in Washington County, the wild blueberry capital of the world. Great with pizza, burgers, good times and best friends. This provides a great base for those summer Sangrias! Serve lightly chilled. RS 4%.

Cranberry Isle

$16.49 - Not just for Holidays. Tart and spicy, perfectly balanced and  delightfully sweet - the distinctive character of 100% Washington County Cranberries bottled for you. Wonderful to sip chilled on a warm Maine afternoon, Great with hard and aromatic cheeses - surpisingly tasty with Manchego or Asiago, makes a great base for cocktails, or even with your favorite holiday fare! Serve lightly chilled. RS 6%.


Li'l Razzcle- 

$18.49- Sweet Raspberry - fun and refreshing. Tastes like sun- ripened berries.

 Pleasant River Peach


$18.49 - Picture bright, sunny days with a gentle breeze and imagine the taste of summer ripened delicate peach, and you will know our Pleasant River Peach.  Serve this one chilled.  Sit back, relax, and sip!


$15.49- a refreshing and zesty Pinot Grigio. Great for those warm summer days at the lake!

Sweet Madelyn


$15.99- Our  Rose for 2023. White Zinfandel- semi-sweet and fruity. 

$ 17.49- Our new Sauvignon Blanc- Fresh, fruity, and floral. Perfect for a summer day in Maine.

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