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Red Wines

Each of our red wine offerings begins with superior hand harvested fruit from select independent vineyards. Every step of the journey  is dedicated to preserving fruit character and integrity,  producing finished wines of the highest caliber.  

Black Fly
$20.49 -  Black Fly has been our signature red wine since we started in 2012. Drawing our inspiration from savory Rhone blends, our current Black Fly is a perfectly smooth marriage of 50% Syrah and  50% Cabernet Franc. Black Fly offers inviting aromas, supple tannins, cherry and dark chocolate notes. The result is a wine of rich flavors and subtle complexity. 
Bold Coast


$20.49 - This big red blend boasts a generous percentage of smooth, round, fruity Merlot and a strong supporting cast of rich, smooth Syrah. The result is a lively and very flavorful blend, with black  fruit and subtle spice in the finish. 

Cabernet Franc


$22.49 - Cabernet Franc is a grape we find particularly inspiring and is therefore used in a number of our Red Blends. This vintage is smooth, lush, with dark berry character, and subtle notes of dark cocoa and spice. 

King Tunk- 


$22.49 - Tunk has always been the flagship wine in our red lineup. This wine emerges with incredibly dark hues, smooth yet substantial tannins and big flavor. A rich, powerful wine. 


Pink Lupine- not available 2023

$17.49 - This tasty red is made from 2016 Pinot Noir. Cherry notes on the palate combine with subtle tannins and balanced acidity to create a lighter bodied, easy going wine with lots of character. Extended American oak barrel aging. Enjoy by itself or with your favorite grilled fare. Production of 24 cases.

Rogue's Blend


$18.49 - Our version of the classic Bordeaux blend pairs vibrant Merlot, substantial Cabernet Franc and a low end depth from Petit Verdot. An all star blend with mouth filling cherry highlights, smooth, soft tannins, and restrained acidity.  


La Chispa

$19.49 -  A deep, dark distinctive cabernet  sauvignon.  

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